My partner and I have a combined total of over 40 years in the car business.  We have experience with every type of car you can think of.  We look for cars to buy and resell.  We have a small brick and mortar car dealership where we sell most of our cars.  However, we also sell or consign some of our cars to new car dealerships, classic car dealers, and high-end luxury and exotic car dealers.

So why sell your car to us you might ask.  Well, we’re pretty sure you fall in to one of these categories.  So let’s find out why.


 It’s much better to buy a new or used car from a dealership when you don’t have to factor in your car’s trade in value.  Dealers have a good way of playing smoke and mirrors so you never really know how much you actually paid for your new car.  Remove the trade in from the deal and you can now negotiate for just the new car’s price.  You also have the flexibility of going to any car dealership with cash in hand instead of having to wait for them to appraise your trade in every time you go to a different dealership.


Car just sitting due to not driving anymore?  Not sure how to sell it?  Car taking up space in garage or driveway?  We buy these cars all the time.  We come to your home and give you a fair appraisal for your vehicle.  If the car isn’t drivable or has a dead battery…no problem.  We can jump start it and also inspect for any mechanical issues it may have. end of the lease.


School is over?  Moving out of state?  Leaving the country?  We buy from college students all the time who have graduated from a nearby school and are now heading off to better and brighter futures.


Unable to drive anymore due to age or disability?  We understand how hard losing one’s ability to drive affects a person’s sense of independence and freedom.  We are very compassionate and empathetic with the situation and are also very Covid-19 conscious.  We wear PPE masks as required by safety guidelines.


Losing a loved one is very difficult.  We deal with attorneys and trustees for smooth transfer of assets.  We also give free appraisals for trying to determine fair market value of your vehicle.


Restoring a classic car?  Have one taking up space in your garage or driveway?  Ran out of money, space, or time?  We buy project cars in almost any condition.  We also buy newer cars that are not running due to mechanical issues including smog problems.


If you have a lease with very few miles because you didn’t drive it very often, you may have equity in the vehicle that you can cash out.  Call me to see if your vehicle qualifies.  You might also not have to wait till the