“I had three cars on my property that needed to go once I sold my house.  All three didn’t run and needed to be towed away.  Jimmy gave me a fair offer on a package deal and had them towed away the next day.”

Mike H. from Ojai

“I was selling my car on Craigslist but kept getting scam offers and ridiculously low offers before anyone even came out to look at my car.  I was so fed up, I called SELLMYCARVENTURA and was given a fair offer.  They came out that night and bought my car.”

Kim K. in Ventura

“I had a classic Jaguar that I was no longer driving.  Jimmy didn’t buy it but did refer me to a classic car specialist who was able to place my car in auction and got me more than I was expecting.”

Jim S. from Ventura Beach

“My lease had very few miles and was almost due to return.  I called Jimmy and he was able to make my residual payoff and I walked away with some extra cash in my pocket.”

Peter V. from Santa Barbara

“I went to CarMax to try to sell my car.  I appreciate the offer they gave me but thought my car was worth more.  Jimmy offered more than CarMax and paid in cash.  I appreciate the quick response and easy transaction.”

Paulette C. in Oxnard

“My elderly mom stopped driving and we couldn’t find the pink slip when it was time to sell.  The car also had a check engine light and wouldn’t pass smog.  We called Jimmy and he bought the car as is.  He took care of all the paperwork and smog.  Easy Peasy!!!”

Rachel P. in Santa Barbara

“I was graduating soon and didn’t want to sell my car last minute.  Jimmy bought my car and let me keep driving it for two more weeks until I finished school.  Didn’t know that was even an option.  Awesome experience.”

Kristy M. from Port Hueneme